RM501 MRC1 Controller Board.

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RM501 MRC1 Controller Board.

文章happytriger2000 » 2016年 2月 28日, 23:32

Hello everyone,
This post is meant to discuss RM-501 controller board developed by WiseTech Robot,
our aim is to open source the firmware to you, yes "open source", so you can develop it further or customize
the board to suit your need under the condition that you have to purchase the board from us. The board is able
to control 6 DC Brushed Servo Motor by sending Pulse & DIR from the DSpic33E to the motor driver, we have also
written an IK code in Rhino GH (open source) as seen here:

http://vid1053.photobucket.com/albums/s ... udasez.mp4


Combining both The MRC1 board and IK in GH you must write a program to allow data to be transferred through RS232 to make a complete motion, the program is up to the developer to write the code.

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RM501 MRC1 Controller Board

文章Jamesuplix » 2017年 5月 22日, 20:04

I am wanting to attach a project to the expansion port on the K8200 controller board. Where may I find the schematics for the board so that I can update the firmware to access the port for my project?

kiwi wu
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Re: RM501 MRC1 Controller Board.

文章kiwi wu » 2017年 5月 24日, 18:20

you probably can find the solution on the following websites:


http://3dprintboard.com/showthread.php? ... 3D-printer

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